Frequently Asked Questions

Telford is a relaxed and progressive club, but there is a code of conduct which should be observed.  In general, players are expected, both on and off the court, to conduct themselves in a way which reflects favourably on the game and their fellow players.  Members must be courteous on court and respect those playing around them.  The following guidelines should be observed:

Only go to your court during an appropriate pause in play, such as at the start of a new game.

Do not go onto adjacent courts to retrieve balls during play.

Promptly pass balls which stray onto your court to the server on the adjacent court (but not while a point is being played!).

Server to call the score after every point and the game score after each game.

Do not use bad language on court.

Do not hit, kick or throw a racket, ball or other object in anger.

Players must not receive coaching during a match except from a doubles partner.

Avoid returning a first serve fault.

Wait for the first ball to be cleared and the receiver to be ready before playing a second serve.

Be scrupulously fair in all line decisions.  Players are responsible for calls on their side of the net and should not make decisions or volunteer opinion on calls from the other side of the net.

If you are dissatisfied with a call made by an opponent, simply ask once, "Are you sure?" If the answer is yes, play must continue

If there is any doubt over a call, the point may be replayed.

Yes! Every year, we get an allocation of Wimbledon tickets from the LTA.  Any club member who is also a British Tennis Member can enter the ballot which takes place in May.  Tickets are allocated in pairs.

Footwear is most important - it has to be of a type that won't damage the court surface.  Soles must be non-marking, not black and not be ridged or studded.  Cross trainers and running trainers are not allowed.

You should wear recognised tennis clothing - white or coloured - or t-shirts. No jeans, cut-offs, football shirts, vest tops or spaghetti straps!


If you would like to join the Board, please talk to Juliet or to Joe Steel, Chairman.  No qualifications are required - we are always happy to hear from people who would like to get involved more closely with the running of the Club, especially if they have a particular interest or talent.  Board Members usually take responsibility for an area of club administration such as teams, courts and grounds, social etc.  Elections are held annually.

There are masses of tasks, big and small, that we need help with and new helpers are always appreciated - here are just a few of them.....


There is an opportunity to volunteer for these jobs on your renewal form, but please feel free to contact Juliet if you would like to volunteer now ..

We have a contractor who comes in every fortnight to handle the big tasks such as lawn mowing and large scale pruning.  If you would like to help with planting and maintaning areas of the club, please contact Juliet.  We are particularly keen to find people who can look after the entrance pathway on a regular basis.

Please tell Juliet about anything that needs fixing.

Tokens for the floodlights can be bought from the dispenser in the clubhouse which takes a variety of coins.   Tokens are then fed into the floodlight box on the front of the clubhouse.

The floodlights are on a timer and all go out at 10pm.  


The best way to meet people is to come along to Club sessions.  These run on Wednesday evenings and weekend afternoons.  You can also play in the box leagues - we run 3 of these each year (2 singles and 1 doubles) and all levels of player can take part.

There are also various internal tournaments to come along to, some are serious, some are for fun!

Finally, you can post a notice on the boards in the clubhouse if you are looking for a hitting partner.

Yes please!  We are always looking for ways in which members can get more out of the club, so if you have an idea for a social or tennis event, please do let us know.


Yes, so long as your booking doesn't get in the way of tennis play or disturb the ambience of the club (so sadly, rave parties are out!).  We try not to have events during club afternoons or during tournaments.  Please also note that those who run activities also take responsibility for setting up, manning the bar, people's behaviour and clearing up afterwards!

Just telephone Charles Morris, our head coach on 07736 068375.  All requests for coaching must go through Charles.

Absolutely!  Please note that a £4 guest fee is payable per adult guest each time they come to the club and they can only visit a maximum of 3 times in a year.  Please use the small brown envelopes to deposit the payment in the internal postbox.


Unfortunately not - juniors members wishing to play just show up and wait for a vacant court.  Parents of juniors can book a court to play with their children.


Courts may be booked for one hour per group (singles or doubles).  Please don't book a further hour in another person's name!

The only exception to this is if you are playing a match in a competition such as the South London Tennis League or the Telford Box Leagues, in which case the court can be booked for 2 hours.


When you joined the club, you will have been given your username and password.   You can use these to book a court via the 'Book a Court' section on the website.   Courts are available for booking online two weeks in advance.

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